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This routine analyses anchored sheet pile walls using the "elastic line" method. A complete description of the method with examples is shown here; review this completely when using this routine. The program assumes the following:
  1. Soil is homogeneous and granular.
  2. Water table is between the support and the excavation line.
  3. Support is no more than halfway down from the pile head to the excavation line.
  4. Buoyant weight is half the saturated unit weight of the soil.

Remember to choose whether you want to work in SI or US units when starting the program!

Fixed End Sheet Pile Wall Analysis, Sun, 03 Dec 2023 12:27:36 -0500

Input Variables for Fixed Earth Method
Units SI US Parameter
Submerged Unit Weight of the Soil kN/m3 pcf
Active Earth Pressure Coefficient Dimensionless
Passive Earth Pressure Coefficient Dimensionless
Height of Wall Above Excavation Line m ft.
Height of Support Below Wall Top m ft.
Height of Water Table Below Wall Top m ft.
Modulus of Elasticity of Wall Material GPa ksi
Moment of Inertia of Wall Section per unit length of wall cm4/m in4/ft